Discover the epitome of Croatian hospitality at Hotel Plaža, your premier destination in Pag. Experience luxury, comfort, and adventure with our comprehensive amenities, including a heated infinity pool and diverse rental services - from SUPs and kayaks to bikes and scooters, we have everything you need for the ultimate Pag adventure.

Nestled just moments away from Pag's vibrant city center, Hotel Plaža serves as your perfect tranquil retreat, a harmonious blend of luxury and relaxation. Our top-tier services ensure an unforgettable vacation, whether you're lounging by the pool or embarking on exhilarating sea or land adventures.

Unwind in our infinity pool, navigate Pag's picturesque waters with our SUPs, explore on a kayak, discover historic sites on a bike, or traverse the lively streets on a scooter. At Hotel Plaža, relaxation and adventure go hand in hand, promising an unforgettable vacation tailored to your preferences.

Delve into the quintessential Pag experience with Hotel Plaža. We can't wait to welcome you to a world where authentic Croatian hospitality meets breathtaking adventure.

Ready for your next unforgettable adventure in Pag? Contact Hotel Plaža to secure your booking and let us transform your vacation into an unparalleled experience.


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Rent a SUP

🌊🌞💦Experience the Magic of Pag with a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Rental!💦🌞🌊

Unleash your spirit of adventure in the picturesque city of Pag, Croatia! With our Wave 11/0 SUP rentals, dive into the mesmerizing turquoise blue Adriatic Sea and discover the hidden beauties of the coastline at your own pace.
Connect with the pulse of nature, engage your core, improve your balance, and ignite your senses as you glide through the crystal clear waters. Whether you're a first-timer seeking new thrills or an experienced paddler, our SUPs are perfect for all skill levels.
Embark on an unforgettable journey, from serene paddling sessions at sunrise to playful wave rides under the glowing sunset. Enjoy the panoramic views of Pag's striking landscape and wildlife, create lifetime memories, and enjoy the Mediterranean as it was meant to be - from the water!
Rent a SUP today and embrace the magic of the sea in the heart of Croatia! Dive into the adventure that awaits in Pag – the sun, sea, and SUP are calling! Contact us now to book your SUP adventure.
Embrace the Pag paddle board experience!
Prices: 1 hour 9 €
2 hours 17 €
3 hours 25 €
1 day 30 €

Rent a kayak

🌊🚣‍♀️⛱️ Discover Pag, Croatia - From a Sit-On-Top Kayak! ⛱️🚣‍♂️🌊
Step off the beaten path, or rather, paddle away from it! In the charming city of Pag, Croatia, we offer sit-on-top kayak rentals for one or two persons. Engage in a journey where azure sea meets the sky, and let the rhythm of the paddle guide you through the wonders of the Adriatic Sea.
Are you ready for an aquatic adventure? Paddle solo or team up with a partner to navigate the tranquil waters. Our kayaks are perfect for everyone - from curious beginners to seasoned sea voyagers. Your safety and comfort are our priority - with wide, stable, and user-friendly designs, our kayaks are all about experiencing Pag's waterscape with ease and fun!
Absorb the stunning beauty of the Pag shoreline, explore hidden coves, witness diverse marine life, or simply soak up the Mediterranean sun. Every stroke takes you closer to the unique blend of thrill and serenity that kayaking in Pag offers.
Rent a sit-on-top kayak today, make the Adriatic Sea your playground, and craft unforgettable stories. Pag is calling – it’s time to answer the call of the sea! Book your kayak adventure now. Float into the fun in Pag, Croatia!

Rent a bike

🚴‍♂️💨🏞️Pedal into Paradise with Bike Rentals in Pag, Croatia!🏞️💨🚴‍♀️
Immerse yourself in the surreal and captivating beauty of Pag's northern landscapes, with scenery so lunar-like, it will transport you to another world! Get ready to cycle into the extraordinary with our top-quality bike rentals!
Witness firsthand the power of Bura, the wind that sculpts Pag's stunning, bare-rock terrain, depositing sea salt onto the rugged cliffs. This wild, natural beauty is unlike anything you'll find on Earth - it's a cyclist's dream and an adventurer's paradise.
Pedal along the island's paths, tracing the journey of the resilient vegetation that feeds the local sheep. Taste the distinct flavour this unique landscape imparts on the world-renowned Pag cheese. Each rotation of your wheels uncovers another story of the island's enchanting character.
Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual explorer, our bikes cater to every rider. Gear up for a day-long adventure on diverse terrains, from the rugged lunar landscapes to the gentle coastal roads. 
Rent a bike today and set off on a journey where every turn reveals the natural and cultural richness of Pag. It's not just a ride, it's an experience. Book your biking adventure now and truly discover what makes Pag, the jewel of Croatia, so unique!

Rent a scooter

🛵💨💫 Explore Pag in Style with a Kymco Agility Carry 50 Scooter Rental! 💫💨🛵
Are you ready to add a dash of excitement to your Pag getaway? Rent a Kymco Agility Carry 50 scooter and experience the unmatched joy of zipping around this stunning Croatian island at your own pace!
Unveil the hidden gems of Pag as you wind through its diverse landscapes, from the enchanting moon-like northern parts to the idyllic sun-kissed coast. With the sea breeze in your hair and the open road ahead, there's no better way to experience the island's charms.
Whether you're looking to navigate through the bustling city streets, climb the scenic hills, or cruise along the tranquil coastline, our Kymco Agility Carry 50 is your ideal companion. Compact yet powerful, stylish yet practical, this scooter is designed to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 
A scooter rental not only means freedom and flexibility but also the chance to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. Stop for a taste of the world-famous Pag cheese, capture breathtaking panoramas, and explore places off the beaten path. 
Make the most of your Pag adventure with a Kymco Agility Carry 50 scooter rental. Unleash your spirit of adventure and ride into unforgettable experiences. Book your scooter today – Pag awaits to be discovered!
Good to know
Daily menus from €18
Heated and cooled outdoor infinity pool
Rent a SUP, kayak, scooter, and bike
Hotel located on the beach
EV charging stations
Free beach towels
Free sun loungers
Free parking

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